Essentials of Air Travel

Air travel has undergone significant and ground-breaking changes over the past decade. Formerly, it was meant for a select few, perhaps the rich and famous, but today it is accessible to all. The main reason for this gross change was the aviation industry’s decision to introduce economy flights, prompted by the 2008 recession. As a result, both international and inland air travel have grown manifold; in fact, the latter has witnessed a more significant impact.

Improved connectivity, cheaper costs, adequate safety measures and competitive markets have contributed to the drastic growth in air travel. In addition, the Internet has made things a lot easier by allowing online purchase of all kinds of airline tickets, be it Jet International Tickets or Jet Konnect domestic tickets. The following paragraphs discuss the essentials of air travel as it is becoming more accessible and affordable.

While enhancing their aircraft amenities, airlines strive to keep up their goals to assure safety and security of their passengers. Travelers must be aware of the rules and regulations pertaining to air travel and adhere to safety precautions to ensure a safe journey. Airlines provide safety cards that contain all the essential information on how to react during emergency situations. Seat belts are scrupulously inspected and their use is strictly enforced, in order to prevent passengers from hitting or falling during take off, landing and abrupt movements.

People with special needs or physical ailments must intimate the flight crew about their condition beforehand. Aircrafts provide emergency oxygen masks for passengers, in case oxygen levels fall below safe levels. Flight attendants are knowledgeable and capable of explaining the safety issues to passengers.

The passengers, on their part, must make sure that they carry only the right amount of luggage and avoid items that are not permitted. They must pack intelligently, trying to keep their baggage light and avoid things that are prohibited. For instance, there are restrictions on the kind of liquids and prescription drugs that can be carried on the flight. Low cost carriers charge more for extra baggage. Apart from safety, airlines also address the entertainment needs of their passengers. Today’s aircraft have special entertainment arrangements for children as an increasing number of children are traveling by air.

While budget is an important aspect, other details must not be ignored. Consumers must be aware of travel insurance, flight delays, flight cancellations and refunds as well. They must also make use of the value-added services and programs to make the most of their air fare packages. Today, even low-cost carriers, such as Jet Airways flights offer frequent flyer programs and special offers. If managed well, the mileage accumulated through such programs can be highly rewarding and worthwhile as it can be redeemed for a free flight trip. As with any trip, it is vital to understand how to plan for air travel. Travelers must know how to reach their destination safely and have a clear idea about their route. These details are as important as the journey itself.

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